DoinG mY bLocK

This week at Scandi Coast Home;

Here is all the loot from my Ikea Trip sitting pretty and looking like it's always lived here......

A large embroidered lamp shade for a little girl's room......

Lamp Base on sale at Target

Ribba Frame......

Crochet Flower Garland from Etsy

Favor Poster from Ebay

Ikea Ribba Frame and Poster from Typo

Ikea Ribba Frame & Poster from Ebay
Lights from Typo

Henny Cushion Cover......gotta love inky blue and white polka dots

Turquoise Raskog Kitchen Trolley......loving this!

I took the kids to Mitre 10 to meet Brad & Lara from The Block
and we were lucky enough to meet Scott Cam

I was briefly distracted by this yummy ice cream which popped up in my frame at the last I didn't take a bite out of it but I was tempted......

Brad & Lara smiling as if for the first time......only 600 people to go!

A nicely positioned rainbow......all part of the show I'm sure......

Scoring points with Scott Cam......signing his Book for my kids......

Well, that's it from me here on the coast this Sunday......I hope you all had a great week too......until tomorrow! See you here......


  1. I love the beach poster and little lights and I love that trolley- I wish I lived closer to IKEA!!!!!

    1. Thanks Deanne,
      It's a long day for me to go too!!!
      Some ebay sellers will buy stuff for you and post it to you.
      If I can help I will......
      Tania xx

  2. Hey congrats saw you won tickets to the Block live Show- cool!!!

    1. Hi Deanne,
      Another long day trip. The good part is it's close to Homebush Ikea!!!
      I don't think I've won anything before, except maybe a meat tray once......;o)
      I'm a bit excited!!!
      have a lovely evening,
      Tania xx

  3. We won too!! We share your excitement. G.x

  4. Congratulations......
    Will you be stopping at Ikea as well?
    Tania xx

  5. Hi Tania,
    Saying hi to my newest follower (thank you!) and following you back here and on pinterest. So neat to have found someone who lives a bit nearer to my part of the world too! Funnily enough, I took my children to meet Brad and Lara when they came up here. We were actually at a wedding and had a few hours to kill when the bridal party went away for photos so we went to the shops and realized what was happening at Mitre 10 and raced over there! We only had to wait 5 minutes as it was the end of their time there. We have a lovely photo of my younger ones with Brad and Lara - everyone smiling. Lara climbed onto the table to retrieve my little girl's balloon when she let it go! What a neat couple. Hope they win but having seen that kitchen that Sophie and Dale did last night I'm thinking that will make their house very sought after. I have a piece of the exact same pressed metal that I bought a few years ago to be inserted into a door on our ensuite vanity but still trying to convince my husband who doesn't like it!


It was so sweet of you to say HeLLo......ThanKs for stopping by.
Tania Maree xx