iT's BeGiNNinG To LooK a LoT LiKe ChrisTmaS

Q; What's brown and sticky? 

A; A stick.

I'm using this little twiglet to create a Christmas vignette in the corner of my Dining Room......I found it on a walk around our neighbourhood with hubby and the kids. 

The woven fairy lights are from Adairs and the sweet little aqua birds are from Pillow Talk. 

I'm a big fan of simplicity when it comes to Christmas decorating. Too much tinselly bling just doesn't do it for me. I tend to gravitate towards a more Scandi style for the Christmas season......I lay it on thick with the white and add flashes of red and blonde wood......
I'm also partial to an airy garland of white paper doilies draped in front of a window and fluttering in the Summer breeze.

Advent Calender hanging vertically from a window frame rather than horizontally.

Plain white Christmas Stockings from the $2.00 shop jazzed up with ribbon and Scandi Snowflake Decorations.

Candles are for every occasion but are especially lovely for Christmas.

I have a small makeover project on the go at the moment which of course means I've been wielding a paintbrush yet again......

All will be revealed here tomorrow for the Saturday Style link party......don't forget to link up your latest creations or vintage finds here and check out what everyone else has been up to! I have a feeling there will be lots of Christmas inspiration......

See you then!!!

Tania xx


  1. ah...simplicity...that's what I hope to achieve this christmas...nice inspiration thanks
    Bec x

  2. I think you have a paintbrush in hand as much as I do ;)

  3. love these simple ideas! the stick tree is fantastic and i love the white stocking find :)

  4. Looking good. Like what you did to the stockings. Nice.

    PS I may be late linking up as I will be at the markets from 7am tomorrow.

  5. Total eye candy hun - it is all so pretty and so you!
    Ok I HAVE to remember to link up tomorrow. The only post I have this week that might be suitable though is the bedroom tidy up. Is that ok? xx

  6. Cute twiggy decoration. Must look pretty with the lights on x

    1. It's beautiful at night Penny......really pretty ;O)

  7. As usual I love it all, but I'm definitely loving the little house of candles ;)

  8. I like the driftwood you picked up with kids, I did something very similar in my son's bedroom, you could check it out on

    I like the mix of white, turquoise and red, it's so festive but summery at the same time, well done!!!


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