SaTurDaY sTyLe aLL NighT ParTy

Oopsy!  Some bunny slept in!!!
Someone's neighbours had an impromptu party on their deck and decided, what the heck let's watch the sun come up! There were fisticuffs and all the usual party favours ;O) 
I know this because I was in my ensuite bathroom eavesdropping. At least I was until the cat walked in and went "MeeeOOOOW!!!"

I'm half asleep still and may need a nap shortly but I do have this little gallery wall to show's one I prepared earlier.

Now it's over to me what ya got!


  1. Oh MAn a hang over and you didn't even get an invite to the party. How rude.

    Loving your new gallery. it's very pretty.

  2. Love your display especially the embroidery hoop or it is a cool plate(bottom left)? I love it!. Hope you are feeling a bit better and I too love Christmas decorating... have been known to start in October!!.
    xx Tina

  3. love how you do your gallery walls!
    hope you get some rest today.

  4. oh yeah we`ve had neighbours like that before....our new ones at least invite us!...we always leave before the fisticuffs though!
    love your gallery walls.....i love that you have as many nail holes in your walls as me!
    Allison x....enjoy your nap nanna!

  5. Hope you get some sleep and have a great weekend Tania! x

  6. fantastic idea which I am so going to copy... hope you don't mind!
    sweet dreams.
    Bec x

  7. Hi Tania,
    I thought I linked up here, but now I can't find my link, came back when I realised I forgot to link back. Like your button BTW!


It was so sweet of you to say HeLLo......ThanKs for stopping by.
Tania Maree xx