about me

My name is Tania Maree......I just turned 38 on Boxing Day 2012!
Don't be fooled by the pic, up close I look like I've had a really hard life......like I ran the whole way ;O)

I live in Newcastle on the East Coast of NSW Australia in a white weatherboard house which we designed and built two years ago. It's a mix of Scandi & Coastal styles......
If you like what you see, I designed it myself......if not, I was just an innocent bystander......
My house has been described as the "Tardis" due to the fact that it looks so small from the street and opens up into a surprisingly spacious home, although modest. 
I can't walk past an op shop & have furnished at least 80% of my home with second hand items.
The closest I get to a coastal view is the pool......although it's only 10 minutes drive to the nearest beach...... 
I love both Scandinavian & Coastal inspired interiors, mostly for their freshness & casual appeal.
My favourite interior spaces are unpretentious and creatively decorated with lots of white and natural textures. 
I adore colours from seafoam to indigo with coral thrown in for good fun.

Tania Maree xx